General Union members gear up for third annual 'hands off our koma' campaign

Now is the time of the year that the major private universities are planning changes in curricula and classes for the 2013 academic year. For the last couple of years the General Union has been declaring part-time members at these universities and submitting demands for no-reduction in the number of koma or worsening of working conditions for General Union members.

 Despite a quite severe situation faced by some universities, this tactic was pretty successful at most universities where we applied it. We declared a total of 25 members at 8 different universities. Of these the only university where members lost koma was Kobe Shoin women's University, where the administration claimed that a drop in the number of students and changes in the curriculum necessitated a decrease in the number of English classes.

The university "let-go" three teachers who had been hired the year before, as well as reduced the number of classes of some other teachers. The General Union will be adopting the same strategy this year as well and hope to increase the number of universities at which we apply this tactic.

If you are a union member working at a university and you are worried about your koma for next year, please contact the union office as soon as possible and let us know whether you would like us to declare your membership and submit demands on your behalf.

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