YOU can support our member at Kyoto Gaidai. Join us!

Let's put our voices together on Monday, 7 February!

We are inviting you to attend our online gathering in support of union member David Waddell who is suffering not only from Stage III Esophagael Cancer, but also from the callousness of his employer. You can learn about the issue and how YOU personally can support David. Please attend any of the short 30 minute sessions at 10:00, 13:00, or 19:30



Kyoto Gaidai University is notorious for its harsh policy during the corona-virus pandemic of forcing teachers with underlying conditions to take an unpaid leave of absence.

Union member David Waddell received the shocking cancer diagnosis just 5 weeks before the end of the Spring semester. He asked to be allowed to finish his classes online in an on-demand format while he received urgent cancer treatment. However, Kyoto Gaidai applied its policy without mercy and got another teacher to take over until the end of the semester leaving David with zero wages during this period.

He was willing and able to provide on-demand lessons. This would have let him both receive the life saving treatment he needed while continue to work and earn his salary. The university, it total disregard for David's health or livliehood forced him out of work.

Kyoto Gaidai responded to the union that they do not believe any apology or compensation is necessary and only apologized only for the fact that they used email communications to take away his job rather than telling him face to face.

We are again asking that Kyoto Gaidai compensate David for his loss of income and for their shoddy treatment of a long term employee .

We also want to send a message that part-time teachers are not disposable. Universities are more and more relying on part time teachers, who receive no sick benefits, insurances and less job security to teach their courses. We want universities to recognise the importance of these teachers and that part-timers are not disposable units to be thrown away and replaced just because they get sick.

You can help David by attending this short gathering and sending a message to Kyoto Gaidi, together with your fellow union members, that part time teachers demand and expect respect in their workplaces.


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