First hearing of GU members vs. Osaka University

On 17 October union members and supporters gathered at the Osaka District Court to support our union members who are suing Osaka University (Handai) for their failure to issue an unlimited term contract. The university argues that until this year, members were not employees and therefore were not eligible to apply for unlimited term contracts as outlined in the Labour Contract Law.

Union members at universities are seeing many tricks to evade the Labour Contract Law, but so far, only Osaka University has taken this tactic of denying the existence of an employment relationship. What makes this even more disgusting is that Osaka University is a public, national university which would make you believe that they are more likely to follow both the law and government policies to improve the employment security of part-time workers.


Osaka University: Trial Begins Monday, 17 October

Osaka U English

General Union members at Osaka University have filed a lawsuit against the university demanding that Osaka University accept the General Union members’ application for unlimited term contracts under the Labour Contract Law.

Both General Union members have worked at Osaka university for far more than the five years the Labour Contract Law says employees must work before being eligible to apply for an unlimited term contract. The university argues that until this year, neither member was an actual employee, so the law does not apply to them.


GU members file lawsuit against Osaka University demanding unlimited employment・組合員、無期雇用契約を求めて大阪大学を提訴

Two General Union members who have been working at Osaka University (Handai) continuously for fifteen years filed a lawsuit against the university on 31 August. The basic demand in the suit is that the university accept their application for unlimited term contracts (UTC) that they filed during the 2021 academic year.

This application, had it been accepted, would have given both members an unlimited starting from 1 April 2022 thus protecting their employment against the possible job losses that might be come in 2023 as Handai demands part timers re-apply for their current teaching posts.


GU members standby union member David Waddell

Almost 100 union members will be meeting on 7 February to support fellow GU member David Waddell who is suffering not only from Stage III Esophageal Cancer, but also from the callousness of his employer. We will be making a mass appeal to his employer, Kyoto Gaidai, to do right by David.

Kyoto Gaidai University is notorious for its harsh policy during the corona-virus pandemic of forcing teachers with underlying conditions to take an unpaid leave of absence.


Osaka University・大阪大学:Unbelievable・信じられへん!

Working at Osaka University (Handai)? Join us in assuring your rights to an unlimited term contract!

大阪大学(阪大)で働いておられますか? あなたの無期雇用契約の権利を守るために一緒に活動しましょう。

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