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30 August Online Information Picket

The union has received a lot of press attention around our current dispute with Doshisha, but we still need your help in publicising the information and helping us protest to Doshisha.

In a nutshell, the dispute is about (read more about the union at Doshisha)

  • Age-based, discriminatory wage cuts at Doshisha University (cased filed with Kyoto District Court-Labour Tribunal)
  • Unpaid wages due to pay for all work done at Doshisha Girls Junior & Senior High School (case filed with Kyoto Kami Labour Standards Office)
  • Evasion of the unlimited term contract provisions in the Labour Contract Law by limiting employment to ten years.
  • Failure to negotiate with the union and dismissals of union members (case filed with Osaka Prefectural Labour Commission)

You can also help us spread the word about the dispute and urge Doshisha to negotiate fairly with the union to resolve these matters.

1. Send a free online fax (preferred) or email (or both) and urge Doshisha to negotiate with the union.


2. Add this story to your Facebook feed or Twitter feed.


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"I just sent a message to support the General Union's fight against Doshisha's failure to negotiate with the union in good faith to help stop age-based wage discrimination, unpaid wages, evasions of unlimited term contracts, and unfair labour practices. I hope you will do the same."

3. Change your Facebook/Twitter profile picture to support the online picket for the day

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Thank you to all of you for your help and support!!


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