On a roll at Berlitz

During the first week of January union members at Berlitz took an almost unanimous strike ballot in order to back our demands.

1. Full pay for all work before, between, and after lessons.

2. Withdrawal of the unilateral company proposal for clawbacks (while trying to pay for time between lessons)


We are now happy to announce that the company has taken their plan for clawbacks off the table. We're confident that a tripling of membership and a positive strike vote played a big role in having the company rethink it's unilateral proposals. Since Berlitz has made this move, union members are continuing to negotiate with the company. The strike has been postponed, but not cancelled, as we are hoping to win our demands to improve wages and working conditions at the bargaining table.


Now, imagine how much more we could do if
even more Berlitz employees joined the union.


To this end, union dues are 1,000YEN for your first two months (remainder of month you joined and next month). After that union dues are based on your total income from all employers (www.dues.generalunion.org).


Go to www.BerlitzUnion.generalunion.org to join and pay your first dues.


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