Suing Nippon Steel - update

As many of you know, the General Union is suing Nippon Steel Sumikin Intercom (NSSI) over the illegal dismissal of two workers. At first the company claimed restructuring, however we have found evidence of the company advertising positions that our members could have done.

We believe their dismissal wasn't really restructuring but simply a case of NSSI trying to cut their salary bill. And as the case has proceeded, the company has taken a new tack by submitting questionable documents maligning our members’ reputations as workers and teachers, despite them having been employed at the company for between 15-20 years with exemplary records.

Today was an interesting day in court. The judge strongly pushed both sides to sit down to discuss a settlement rather than go through a long, drawn out court battle. It remains to be seen if settlement talks will prove workable, or if we will have to continue on to a full court case.

September 8, 2014 Osaka District Court

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