More Unpaid Overtime At Rainbow International; More Action From The General Union

Dilbert © 2016 - Scott AdamsThe General Union has, in the past, locked horns with Rainbow International School over their culture of unpaid overtime. Indeed, as we wrote in our 2015-2016 union activity report:

"We have dealt with unpaid overtime here in the past and won payment. We are taking up the issue again this year but the person has left Japan and the company may not be so ready to settle. If not, it will be a good opportunity to use the Labor Standards Office and have an official order made.

Unfortunately, it seems that Rainbow International School hasn't learned anything from its past mistakes (and punishment), and we find ourselves once again having to reprimand them for continuing to exploit their employees by not paying them for work.



On this occasion, a teacher who had just quit Rainbow International School came to the General Union with two grievances:

1. The company had only permitted him to have three paid holidays, even though the law entitled him to have eleven.

2. The company made the teacher work thirty-three Saturdays (without pay) for a total of 181.5 unpaid working hours(!).

Previously, the union has been able to resolve the issue by speaking directly with the company and warning them about their transgressions.

However, this time, we decided the repeated offence warranted lodging a formal complaint with the authorities at the Labor Standards Office, and they have subsequently ordered Rainbow International School to pay the former teacher what they're owed.

The company now has an "official record" of labor violations, and repeat offences could see them prosecuted if we were to push the Labor Standards Office for further action.

The General Union will, of course, will be watching them closely to make sure that they do as instructed and follow the law (like they should have done to begin with).


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Dilbert © 2016 - Scott Adams

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