Labor Update Bulletin #86 (05/2020)

labor bulletin 2018This bulletin contains information on law changes, government discussions, court decisions, and other labor issues in Japan.

We hope that some of this information will also be of interest to activists, supporters of the General Union, and those who want to know more about labor issues in general in Japan.

In this bulletin...

  • “Special grant of 1 trillion yen can be used to compensate for closures”: government changes policy

  • Employment adjustment subsidies to see further expansion

  • Companies to be required to let pregnant women take time off, based on doctor’s judgment

  • Fuji Soba, with sales down due to COVID-19, gives full compensation for cut shifts in response to union demand

  • NOVA insists teachers come to work, even for online lessons -- teachers may strike

  • Dispatch and contract employees “no choice but to come in to work”: more and more complaints during COVID-19 crisis

  • Man punished for attending meeting without a mask because he “wasn’t able to buy one”

  • Government assesses economy to be “deteriorating” for the first time in 11 years

  • 260,000 fewer non-regular workers due to coronavirus: record drop

  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)

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