Labor Update Bulletin #87 (05/2020)

labor bulletin 2018This bulletin contains information on law changes, government discussions, court decisions, and other labor issues in Japan.

We hope that some of this information will also be of interest to activists, supporters of the General Union, and those who want to know more about labor issues in general in Japan.

In this bulletin...

  • Under state of emergency, MEXT sends notice to schools to reopen with staggered attendance;

  • Summary of “Amended Elderly Persons Employment Stability Act” (effective April 1, 2021);

  • “Notice of Special Provisions for Employment Insurance Job-Seekers’ Benefit due to COVID-19” - MHWL;

  • Precarious position of after-school care workers thrown into relief - teachers laid off, parents bewildered;

  • NOVA teachers avoid strike: company to return pay docked for taking days off due to coronavirus;

  • “I’m tired” says the recording he left behind: company worker’s suicide ruled an industrial accident;

  • “Sign here, right now”: constructive dismissal rampant at foreign-affiliated firm? McAfee employee sues to void forced resignation

  • Toshiba decides not to extend closure, reopens with new system of 3 days off a week;

  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)

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