Labor Update Bulletin #106 (02/2021)

labor bulletin 2018This bulletin contains information on law changes, government discussions, court decisions, and other labor issues in Japan.

We hope that some of this information will also be of interest to activists, supporters of the General Union, and those who want to know more about labor issues in general in Japan.

In this bulletin...

  • Special measures for “employment adjustment subsidies”: reduction in stages after lifting of emergency

  • Policy to promote childcare leave: to start in April of 2022

  • “When paying kyugyo teate for COVID-related reasons, refusing payment to non-regular workers is illegal”: government sends notice to large companies

  • Making non-regular workers at large companies eligible for leave support: government says “urgent consideration”

  • Graduate students are “unpaid doctors”: LSIO issues citation to Nippon Medical School

  • Suicide of police Assistant Inspector: “caused by 200 hours’ overtime and harassment”, say family members

  • Of women working part-time, 900,000 will be de facto unemployed--hardship lurks in background

  • Number of non-regular workers declines for first time

  • Kagoshima City to introduce partnership system: aims to start early in fiscal 2021

  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)

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