Labor Update Bulletin #139 (5/2022)

labor bulletin 2018This bulletin contains information on law changes, government discussions, court decisions, and other labor issues in Japan.

We hope that some of this information will also be of interest to activists, supporters of the General Union, and those who want to know more about labor issues in general in Japan.

In this bulletin...

  • LDP plans to strengthen ties with groups sympathetic to party’s policies: Motegi
  • Teachers’ license renewal system abolished--law amendment passes
  • Yoshinoya refuses participation in recruitment event to student it assumed was a foreign national; criticized for discriminatory treatment
  • “Rejection of Hansen’s Disease Museum curators is an unfair labor practice” says Tokyo Labor Commission in relief order
  • Unfair labor practice at Kindai: “refusal of bargaining without legitimate reason”--Osaka Labor Commission
  • At Tohoku U., 239 researchers fear losing jobs at end of 2022 school year
  • “80-160 hours a month of overtime work without pay”: nursery school ordered to back-pay \7.9 million
  • All teachers except principal go on strike, canceling classes--April salary unpaid at Wakayama private high school
  • Number of children sets new low record at 14.65 million; number of under-15s declines for 41 years in a row
  • Over 60% of those with yearly incomes under \4 million say “3 days off a week is impossible”--weekends becoming busy periods
  • Teacher shortages at many public schools in the new school year; self-study continues, vice-principals teaching--effects on children’s learning
  • March cash wages grow from last year, but rising prices mean real wages down
  • Teacher shortages at 4 in 10 public schools; professors do survey, recommend increasing numbers
  • And more!

(Translated from Japanese)

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