September 8th - Language Industry Shunto 2020 Organising Meeting

Union leaders from around Japan representing workers at major language schools will meet to start planning Shunto 2020.

The first stage of planning will be creating a comprehensive assessment of working conditions at all the major schools.

Our goal is to make sure the highest common denominator is used at all schools to set working conditions, as opposed to the race to the bottom that employers want to force on us. 

Another part of our assessment will be to look at the benefits that are given to regular employees in order to demand equal treatment under the Equal Pay for Equal Work guidelines.

Japanese teachers and staff working under contract are often the most mistreated of all, and we need to discuss ways to address this.

A major concern will be how GABA - and now NOVA - use subcontracting arrangements with workers to compete unfairly with other employers.

We want fair working conditions and urge GABA and NOVA subcontractors to fight for their employment rights!

Our current court case against the NOVA subcontracting issue is coming to a close with a ruling set for September.

Fingers crossed!

Let's work together to improve the industry for all who work in it so that students receive a higher quality of language education.

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