Improvements For Hourly-Paid Employees At The British Council

General Union members working at the British Council will soon start seeing big improvements to their working conditions after a new collective agreement was recently signed between the union and the organisation.

Hourly-paid employees of the British Council have to deal with numerous labor problems including late contracts, a lack of notice for non-renewal of contracts, and contract periods that are unreasonably short.

However, as of November (2017), hourly-paid employees will begin to see:

• A minimum term of three months for most employment contracts.

• At least one month of notice for non-renewal intentions.

• Contracts before starting a new employment period.

• Contracts clearly marked as renewable.

This is a great start, and we hope that more teachers - both hourly-paid and contract employees alike - will join the union to continue striving for improvements.

In addition, the collective agreement also stated that the union and council will, in good faith, continue to negotiate on issues such as:

• Pay for work outside of lesson time

• Notice for changes in days/times upon contract renewal.

• Notice for change in days/hours when a new contract is offered.

• Improved employment and wage security for hourly-paid teachers.

We hope this agreement is the first step in improving working conditions both now and in the near future.

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