Of K-Mart, Unions, And How The Grass Isn't Always Greener On The Other Side

While you may not think it at times, when it comes to union protections and rights, we have it pretty good in Japan.

The following video was produced by K-MART in an effort to undermine the Teamster union (led by warehouse workers at the company's Newnan GA facility) from organizing. The (archived) video is full of misinformation and lies about unions. A copy was mailed to all workers in the bargaining unit days prior to their NLRB election.

Unfortunately, such activity is not illegal in the USA, and the same can be said for other countries, too...


Here in Japan, however, such underhanded tactics are illegal, and companies cannot interfere in union organizing activities.

Of course, we aren't naive enough to believe that companies don't try to pressure workers over union membership in Japan - but, in some cases, evidence can be collected and then used in Labor Commission cases to deal the offending companies a healthy dose of justice.

Are you interested in organizing your workplace? Contact us for help, or - if, for some reason, we can't handle it - an introduction to another union that better assist you with your problems.




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