A Fair Deal for Contract Workers - Seminars

Osaka - Sunday, 25 November
1300 - 1700 :: L-Osaka in Tenmabashi (bit.ly/L-Osaka) - schedule

Nagoya - Sunday, 2 December
1300 - 1700 : Allbasu Bldg. 5 minutes from Nagoya Stn. (bit.ly/Allbasu) - schedule

Public Labour Rights Seminar 

Topics include (depends on location): 

Direct Hire ALTs under attack

  • In 2020 you’ll become an irregular komuin
  • This means one year renewable contracts but at the lowest end of pay and conditions forever.
  • You’ll have to reapply each year
  • Is there anything positive in the new law?

Employment Contracts & Illegalities

  • What has to be in an employment contract?
  • What can’t be included?
  • What can I do if my contract doesn’t guarantee the minimum stated in the law?
  • Is it possible to sign away my rights?
  • Does an illegal clause invalidate my contract?

Health & Pension

  • Working 20 hours/wk?
  • Want to be enrolled but being refused?
  • Can I get enrolment at 20 hours even in a smaller company?
  • What does the insurance cover?


  • Worried about your future after retirement?
  • Can you be forced to retire?
  • What’s the retirement age?
  • Do part timers have to retire?
  • What income supports can I count on

Unlimited Term Contracts

  • Have schools been following the law on this?
  • How can you apply?
  • Why is my school saying 10 years and the union saying five?
  • Have you already been told you’ll have contract limits?

Have more questions about these topics?

Send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll answer them on the day - as well as put out a written report later.

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