Saturday, July 20th - The Real Trade Union News in Japan!

We are inviting all union members and other interested members of the English-speaking community to participate in a rare opportunity. 

As you know, we have been supporting the arrested and detained union members from the "All Japan Construction and Transport Solidarity Union - Kansai Ready Mix Concrete Branch", also known as "Kan'nama"  (and these arrests are continuing - click here for more information).

We've now raised over 300,000 yen for their defense campaign and they thank us all for our support - including our participation in court-day events and picketing the Osaka Police Headquarters.

On Saturday, July 20th at 19:00 at the union office, we will host a seminar, and the speaker will be the general secretary of the Kan'nama branch who will speak on the history of their union, why they chose the path of industrial unionism (which is how our union is also organising as opposed to a union based on workplace only), and about the current attempts by police to harass their activity.

Most people in the English speaking community do not get an opportunity for a first-hand account such as thing, so full interpretation will be provided.

Please come out and hear about how the real labour movement in Japan is fighting to improve the lives of all workers.

This is a rare treat and we don't want a union who is reaching out to us to think that we are uninterested, so a good showing from GU members would be really appreciated. Kan'nama has strongly supported the General Union especially in our early history when the GU was under union busting attacks by employers.

Please be sure to RSVP if you can attend.

Union Solidarity from the United Kingdm. Members of the National Shop Stewards Network send solidarity messages to Kan'nama. 

We won't forgive repression to bust unions! Solidarity with Kan'nama

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