"Labour Rights Education for Education Workers" seminar NOW ONLINE!

Since July, the General Union in cooperation with our sister unions in the National Union of General Workers, have been running free labour rights seminars across Japan. Fukuoka in July, Nagoya in September, Tokyo and Okayama in October, and we finally ended in Osaka on 17 November.

This seminar is now available to all of you online. You can download both the entire seminar covering: Employment Standards, Social Insurance, Unlimited Term Contracts, and Trade Union Law all from YouTube, and the accompanying manual to help you understand what we're referring to in the video.

 We hope that this adds to workers' understanding of how different labour laws apply and what can be done to make sure your rights are protected. Mostly, we hope that it leads to your understanding of why a union is necessary and how you can join and organise a union to both protect and improve your working conditions. 

For those of you who are inspired, you can join the union by clicking here.

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