Law and Rights

The General Union takes no responsibility for any problems you may encounter by using this information in your own disputes with your employer. We have seen non-union members fired after talking about the law with their boss. It is far safer to join the union and negotiate with your company as an equal, rather than simply as an employee.


- If You Work While Receiving Unemployment Benefit - Eligibility for unemployment insurance benefits to change from October 1, 2007 - Pension Refund Increases

  1. Foreign Workers' Handbook


  2. Labour Standards Law Q&A

    General Information
    Firing, Quitting & Contract Non-Renewal
    Overtime,Lateness, Rest Periods and Days Off


  3. Paid Holiday Chart


  4. Trade Union Law Q&A

    General Information
    The Right To Organize
    The Right To Bargain Collectively
    The Right To Collective Action
    Unfair Labour Practices
    The Labour Commission


  5. Unfair Labour Practices - What are they?


  6. Unfair Labour Practice Case procedure chart


  7. Workers' Accident Compensation Q&A


  8. Dispatch


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