IMPORTANT: PENSION RECORDS Have you received a blue or green envelope from the Social Insurance Agency (社会保険庁)?

In light of the recent problem of thousands of pension records not being identifiable, the Social Insurance Agency, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour have started contacting people who are currently enrolled or have been enrolled in kousei nenkin or kokumin nenkin to verify their records.

The Social Insurance Agency computer system does not use the alphabet! How many different pension records do you have because your employers used different katakana to enroll you? Are your pension records correct? How many times have you changed jobs?


Confused? Concerned? Click here for the Social Insurance Agency English Help Page


Kousei Nenkin is the pension collected directly by your employer through the shakai hoken scheme (Employees' Health and Pension).

Kokumin Nenkin is typically for the self employed, students and unemployed and paid through your local ward office.


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