Pension Refund Increases

The Social Insurance Agency has recently announced a small increase in the amount of refund available when leaving Japan. This increase is applicable to people who paid their last instalment in, or prior to, August, 2005. Indications are that refunds will gradually increase.

 The lump withdrawal system benefit multiplier rates for Kousei Nenkin (the pension component of Shakai Hoken) have increased for people who have contributed to the system for more than 18 months.

  Benefit multiplier if your final month of contribution is   Aug 2005 or before between Sep 2005 and Aug 2006 6-11 months 0.4 0.4 12-17 months 0.8 0.8 18-23 months 1.2 1.3 24-29 months 1.6 1.7 30-35 months 2.0 2.1 36 months 2.4 2.5

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