Shigaku Kyosai - Are you covered?

Many teachers, even part timers, working in private elementary & high schools, colleges & universities are enrolled in shigaku kyosai (a form of shakai hoken) which consists of both health insurance and pension. In English it is called Private School Mutual Aid. If you haven't already, please check out the English language website. Shigaku Kyosai website


There are benefits you mightn't have heard of:

  • cash payment upon marriage
  • reimbursement for emergency medical expenses incurred outside Japan
  • reimbursement for monthly expenses over a specified amount hotels at reduced rates
  • loans for things including education, marriage, housing
  • disability pension
  • survivor's pension in the case of your death


Want to know how you can enjoy these benefits? Call the union today and find out how to get covered.


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