GU Organizes at Nagoya International School

nagoya gu sexual harassmentOn January 16th (2020), the General Union filed a case against Nagoya International School at the Osaka Prefectural Labour Commission.

Staff have raised a number of issues that they have with the school in conversations with the union, including difference in conditions between "local" and "foreign" hires being enrolled in social insurance (Shakai Hoken), maternity leave, annual leave, issues with evaluation and promotion, and issues with the way management have dealt with teachers.

However, the trigger that initially sparked interest in unionization was the way that management mis-handled a sexual harassment complaint.


Sunday, June 29 Open Public Seminars - Come along

We are holding to 2 seminars in Nagoya.
1. Universities: Towards 2018 - Impact of changes to Labor Contract Law (the 5 year rule)

2. ALTs & Eikaiwa: What are your rights? 


A win at No Borders International School

Having asked their employer to enroll them in health & pension (shakai hoken) and unemployment insurance, teachers became frustrated when No Borders insisted that teachers pay ridiculously high premiums. The premiums were so inflated that we suspect No Borders was attempting to have teachers pay the company's part of the premiums.


Tokai Branch Meeting & Elections - Oct 14

Members of the Tokai Branch are requested to attend our branch meeting as follows. The first part of the meeting, at 1:30pm, will include general business such as elections.

It will be followed by a Workplace Rights Q & A Workshop at 3pm. It is open to members and the general public.


ACC Teacher Wins Severance Pay

A teacher at ACC, a small conversation school in Nagoya, was recently fired without notice, seemingly for having the audacity to take two days off work while she was sick.


Anti-Nuclear Power Parade (Nagoya, Saturday March 10)

Aichi Zenrokyo, our local union federation, has asked that the General Union Tokai branch come along and show their support at a parade against nuclear power.


ECC Nagoya Recruiting Drive

General Union ECC members have launched a new recruiting drive aimed at increasing membership in and around, Nagoya.

The General Union has a long history at ECC. Flexible paid holidays, the end of the ALP lottery system, and shakai hoken enrollment are just some of the big achievements the ECC branch has negotiated.


Nagoya/Tokai ALTs - Open Meeting. Sunday, January 30

This will be an open meeting for all ALTs in the Nagoya area. You will have the chance to ask questions and share your concerns. There will also be an update about what the union is doing to improve working conditions of ALTs.


If Beat Takeshi isn't an employee, neither are you Labour Commission Probes RADIO i Unfair Labour Practices

FM RADIO i (Aichi International Broadcasting) concluded an "outsourcing contract" for a union member and former DJ with dispatch agency Culture Club, then claimed that it had "no contractual relationship" with him.


Small School - Big Problems

workers rightsSmall schools can be great places to work.

They sometimes really take care of you and are appreciative of the work you put in.

They are also great places to develop a rapport with students, and to feel a part of Japan.

Unfortunately this isn't always the case.


Nagoya/Aichi ALTs on Facebook

We've created a facebook group for ALTs.

Go to then search for Nagoya ALTs. Tell us how you would like to see working conditions improved.


Nagoya Teachers Win Unemployment Insurance

We can’t name the employer because of a confidentiality agreement but we have won enrollment (including back enrollment) on unemployment insurance (UI) for teachers at the Nagoya branch of a small language school.


Aichi English instructors hired illegally: union

Japan Times Article - Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009

NAGOYA (Kyodo) A labor union of foreign workers requested Monday that the Aichi Prefectural Board of Education address the concerns of English-language instructors at public schools who they say are working under illegal contracts.


Teacher’s schedule restored after GU sends demands

A long-time Union member working as a part-time teacher at several universities in Nagoya received a double dose of bad news in January this year. First, he was informed by Kinjo university that his schedule of 3 koma (classes per week) would be cut to 2 in the school year 2009~10. Then, later the same week, he received a schedule by Meijo University which included 2 classes for the second semester of the school year but ZERO classes for the first. With a family to support, he was understandably concerned about the loss of teaching hours and income, so he reported both problems to the Union.


University Class Cancellations - GU Wins Settlement in Nagoya

Many GU members teach part-time at universities and colleges. Working as a part-timer at such institutions has its good points, but it also has a major downside because it’s so insecure. There’s never a guarantee that your one-year contract will be renewed, and universities commonly draw up class schedules on the basis of a very optimistic projection of student numbers in the coming school year. Part-time teachers then have to block off hours during their week so that they can take the classes on offer.


AEON Nagoya does about face over housing

Ever wondered about leaving AEON housing? It isn't uncommon for teachers to be told this is impossible, that they must continue to pay rent until the end of their employment contract. This is untrue and a violation of housing laws.


AEON Nagoya Leafletting Brings Results

After just a few days of leafletting at AEON Nagoya training sessions, management is changing its tune.

Union member receives overtime pay

Before the union had time to formally demand overtime pay for our members, management has suddenly paid one member's overtime.


Introduction to General Union Tokai Branch

Tokai Branch is the General Union Branch to which all GU members in Aichi Prefecture and neighbouring areas (Mie, Gifu, etc.) belong, unless they are designated to a workplace-specific branch (for example, ECC, Berlitz, Nagoya Gaidai). Tokai Branch includes conversation school teachers, ALTs, university teachers, and other workers.


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