Dear John Doe

Thank you for your anonymous email from a hidden email address.

You wrote about a number of problems at your company that are most likely illegal. But what is the use of writing if you are unwilling to sit down and talk with us? We aren't the police, and we can't go storming in with batons and handcuffs, ready to arrest the owner.

 We understand why you want to remain anonymous and not cause trouble but you also tie our hands. Without members we cannot legally ask for negotiations. Without someone willing to lodge a complaint we cannot even ask the Labor Standards Office to investigate.

We recommend you contact us again, sit down with us and look at the various options. Talking to us doesn't mean your name will be reported to the company etc. We keep that information to ourselves, until you and the union decide to proceed or not.





We field a ton of phone calls asking how to deal with problems in the workplace. It isn't unusual for people to refuse to tell us their workplace.

That means we can't advise you. While problems can be similar from workplace to workplace they are not the same and our advice really differs. For example, we do not give ECC teachers the same advice as someone working at a Kindergarten where the owner is known to have thrown things at employees

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