March 11 - Osaka Shunto Demonstrations

March 11 - Shuntō (春闘) is a Japanese term, translated as "spring labor offensive". Negotiations and industrial action are held during this period seeking salary increases along with other improvements in working conditions. It's history dates back to the 1940's

In Kansai, our federation and other associated unions will be demonstrating at various companies across Osaka. Targets for the General Union include Osaka City where we are negotiating to break 3 year term limits for city hired Native English Teachers, amongst fighting for other improvements. We will also be demonstrating in Takatsuki City against the Board of Education’s arbitrary decision to cancel the AET program after teachers dared to move out of sub-standard housing and joined a union.

We need you there not only to support your fellow union members, but also the disputes of our sister unions.

It's a long day of action but to make it easier for you to participate we are setting 3 meeting points so that you can join us when your schedule permits.

8:15am - Target - NTT. Meeting Tanimachi 4 chome subway station, exit 9

12:00 - Target -  Osaka City Board of Education (Cnet Branch) - Yodoyabashi Station. Exit 1, on the bridge immediately outside the exit.

5:00pm - Target - Takatsuki Board of Education - JR Takatsuki Station main exit.

If you are having trouble locating us on the day, please contact us on 090-3833-1579.

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