Set Aside November 13 - Voting On Proposed Changes

November 13, Sunday – Autumn General Meeting

As our union continues to grow steadily, more and more members are unable to attend our general meetings and exercise their voting rights.

Right now, we have 150 members outside the Kansai region. Add to that a large number of eikaiwa and other workers, who can’t attend due to work commitments, and suddenly you realize the extent of the problem. We have a large number of members who cannot vote for the union leadership or on policy matters.

In November of 2015, union members met at the Autumn General Meeting to discuss this matter, and we also conducted an online poll about the issue. The General Union Executive Committee has been discussing this for the past year, and is now formulating proposals on how to amend our systems.

These proposals will be disseminated to branches and members in the coming months so that we can hold an informed discussion and vote at the November 13 meeting.

With all of this in mind, we ask that as many of you as possible to attend the meeting.




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