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2011 Academic Year Demands submitted to ECC

Negotiations with ECC for the 2011 Academic Year are scheduled to start on January 19th.


2010 - The ECC Branch in Review


Epion Teacher Survey

Interested in maintaining and improving working conditions at Epion? Have your say by taking our survey.


What's Gaba trying to hide?

Gaba has blocked the union website from their company computers, is withholding registered union mail from instructors and counselors alike at the LS and has demanded several union members neither discuss union activities nor distribute union literature at the workplace.


Nova union member's job protected

A long term Nova employee and union member was recently non-renewed for the second time in six months, and for the second time we have been able to protect his job and force the company to renew his contract.


Gaba Branch Organizing Committee

Adrian (Chair)

I am from Australia, and have been working for Gaba since April 2006. I work in the Futakotamagawa Learning Studio. I have been a union member since November 2008, and I notified the company of my membership in November 2009.

I joined the union because I believe that we all deserve decent working conditions, and that workers acting together is the best way to achieve this.


Robert (Secretary)

I am from Jamaica and I've been with the company since 2003 and have worked at various learning studios. I, just as every instructor, would like to have improved working conditions, fair treatment for everyone and a healthy and rewarding relationship with the company. This can only happen through communication and being proactive.

Within the current framework, individual instructors cannot effectively represent themselves with the company. We are all in the same boat and whatever changes take place affect each and every one of us. The union is one of the main channels through which we can collectively effect a positive change, not only for ourselves but for all parties involved.


Union demands that the IC Timecard replacement fee be abolished!

The ECC branch is set to negotiate over the replacement fee for lost or damaged IC Timecards.


Instructors win right to union representation

In December 2009 the Osaka Labor Commission made a ruling that confirmed Gaba instructors have the right to union representation under Trade Union Law. Gaba attempted to appeal the decision at the Central Labor Commission but the appeal has been rejected this week. The ruling stands. Gaba instructors have rights under Trade Union Law.


ECC - Goodbye Timecards! Beware!

ECC is implementing changes to the manner in which working hours will be recorded. Several members have already raised their concerns to the union. Members are worried that they will no longer have access to a copy of their punch in and out times.


Berlitz FAQ

How much notice does the company request when taking paid vacation?

For paid vacation requests of less than 5 days, the company suggests at least one week’s notice.
For paid vacation requests of more than 5 days, the company suggests at least one month’s notice.
However, the company can be flexible on this. If your requests are not being acted on in a timely manner, please contact your union representative.


A new forum for ECC union members

The union and ECC have started labour-management discussions (Collective Agreement 2010.4.26) giving members the opportunity to express their concerns, opinions, and suggestions directly to management.


Block/ASM Meetings & Buffer Days- New Collective Agreement Signed

ECC has agreed to avoid the confusion experienced regarding block meetings.

The union and ECC have recently signed a collective agreement that will see ECC provide at least 10 days notice regarding start and finish times and working locations for Block/ASM meetings and buffer days. When ECC is unable to meet these deadlines they will inform the union without delay.


Water Coolers- New Agreement Signed

The union has won the installation of water coolers in schools with limited access to water.

ECC has agreed to provide water coolers in schools where the only access to water is in the toilets. Many schools have shared kitchen facilities with other tenants. If you are still without water at your school, please let the union know.

ECC Annual Leave with Pay (ALP) Lottery to be abolished

Teachers working for ECC in the Nagoya area (Chubu District) are set to benefit with the annual leave with pay (ALP) lottery being abolished.


Yes, males can take childcare leave!

The percentage of the male workforce in Japan taking childcare leave is less than 2 percent. Employees though, especially the breadwinner, are reluctant to take childcare leave for primarily two reasons:


ECC-Union Grievance System Summer Update

Members at ECC have the benefit of asking the union to submit grievances to ECC over any issues that may arise.


Epion - Back in the classroom

In May, we were contacted by an Epion teacher who had been removed from classroom duties and sent to headquarters. The exact reasons seemed unclear.


Improving workers lives at ECC:General Union's long history shows why unions are important

ECC is one of the oldest General Union branches. ECC members already benefit from an established union/employer grievance procedure and a preconsultation agreement.


Performance Based Salary Increases- Update

Shunto negotiations at most workplaces this year were tough- ECC was no exception. The uncertainity created by the global financial crisis was given for rejecting union demands that would put pressure on company finances.


New Agreement Strengthens Union Members' Rights @ ECC

One of the oldest General Union branches, ECC, has become the first union branch at a major eikaiwa chain to win a union dues check off agreement with their employer.


Workplace Health and Safety- Evacuation Procedures

Workplace health and safety is something that is often overlooked in the eikaiwa industry.


2010 Academic Year Negotiations Start

Negotiations with ECC for the 2010 Academic Year commenced today.


My contract is for 29.5 hours. Can I get shakai hoken @ ECC?

The answer is YES.


ECC teachers win a toll free number!

Thanks to the General Union ECC branch, teachers with substitute shifts will no longer be required to spend money to find out what their working hours are.


General Union forces re-investigation into ex-NOVA president, Sahashi

In 2008, The General Union officially sought indictment NOVA’s former president, Mr Sahashi over non-payment of wages (a violation of the Labor Standards Law). When prosecutors declined to indict, the General Union took the matter to the auditors of the Public Prosecutors Office. They have now ruled the original decision “unjust”.


Hands Off My Pay




ECC sub-teachers are unfairly burdened with the cost of calling HQ every day they sub. In fact, there is a question if teachers are legally required to.


ECC - Best School Picture?

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Latest Nova Actions

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