Vote Today!

Today is the day when the union takes it's annual strike vote. So if you are a delegate, make sure you get to the meeting!!!

The vote gives authority to the executive committee (about 20 people who are being elected today) of the union to approve strikes in specific workplaces. Without that authority, every time there was a strike, we would need to call a meeting of the union's delegates, with some of them being as far away as Nagoya and Tokyo.

Already two branches, ECC and Berlitz, have taken a strike vote this year. They may not go strike as we are still negotiating. The vote was to show the company that the branches are determined to win their demands. At ECC it is for a pay 5% pay increase amongst other things. At Berlitz we are negotiating for payment for the time in between lessons.


The first recorded strike in history goes as far back as 1152BC. November 14 to be precise. In ancient Egypt, artisans working on the Royal Necropolis struck because they had not been paid.


The first strike at the General Union was back in 1992, the year after we were established. Teachers went on strike at ELC Junior to win a bonus. And they did!


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