Kun'ei High School teachers win Health and Pension Rights

The non-renewal of a teacher at Kunei High School gave the union an organizing opportunity which has led to the formation of a union branch.


Kyoto Seika Daigaku

In the last issue of the e-news we reported on a University in Kyoto which was planning to arbitrarily change part-time lecturers' contracts to their disadvantage. We are happy to report that after all the teachers joined the union, and a show of solidarity, Kyoto Seika Daigaku, has pulled back from the changes, for now.


NOVA not enrolling foreign instructors on social insurance

(Translation of Asahi Shimbun report on Nova breaking Shakai Hoken Law)


Late Wages at Lang, Hiroshima

The threat of being named in an Unfair Labour Practice Case and civil proceedings has finally got the attention of the “silent” foreign national co-director of Lang.


Kid's English - A city community centre run English class

Kids'English recently announced an arbitrary pay cut of 20% upon a member.


Big Brother is Watching

Video cameras installed in classrooms at Shin Aoyama Language Center are causing members of management some confusion as they attempt to define their usage to inquisitive instructors.


February 2005 University Roundup

from the February 2005 National Union Voice


Awajishima Board of Education

The amalgamation of a number of small country Boards of Education into one city Board of Education saw them decide to begin using JET teachers provided by the central government.


Nagoya : Institute of Technology

As part of its privatisation restructuring plan, Nagoya Institute of Technology is non-renewing part-timers en masse, Japanese and foreign at the end of March.


Nagoya XXX University

A member has been working at this university, with 2 koma (classes) per week, for over 5 years.


Victory at Lang, Hiroshima

Lang is a small school with about 10 teachers in Hiroshima. It is infamous for unpaid and late wages. It had only just been sued by a Japanese staff member for 600,000 yen of unpaid wages when a member came to us about not having been paid 40,000 yen of his final salary.


Kyoto Gaidai - Union stops koma cuts

One member came to us after notification of a koma cut, and after discussion with the union was convinced not to allow the cut to go ahead.


NOVA Socialization Policy Ruled Illegal

On 24 December 2004, judgment was passed at Osaka District Court in an unfair dismissal case brought against Nova by a General Union member.


December 2004 University Roundup

Otemon University: Union victory over koma cuts. The university has withdrawn their proposed cuts for a union member.


'No Sex Please, You're Teachers'

Nova teachers unhappy with rules, reports "I feel offended that anyone would tell me who I can or can't hang out with," says Brendan (not his real name), one of 6,000 foreign language instructors employed by Nova Corp. in Japan.


Bar backs GU on NOVA's socialisation policy

Human Rights Committee judges NOVA's policy violation of human rights


YMCA members win pay raise!

At the beginning of the Shunto Season (spring bargaining), the Osaka YMCA warned the traditional annual wage increase bargained with the union was in jeopardy.The union's answer was simple; if the company couldn't afford the pay raise for all full time foreign teachers, just give the union teachers a raise.


Nichibei president worried that 'sturdy foreign men' causing trouble near Umeda School

On 24 March 2004, the General Union received a letter from Mr Tamotsu Kanehisa, president of Nichibei English Service (Nichibei Eigo Gakuin). In this letter he complained that "sturdy foreign men (though one of them is Japanese) were standing on both sides or one side of the corridor"


Osaka Bar Association urges NOVA to lift non-socialization policy

The Osaka Bar Association on Tuesday urged Osaka-based Nova Co foreign language school to lift a ban on foreign teachers dating students and to nullify past dismissals of teachers for breaking the rule.


Osaka Bar Association Ruling Against NOVA Socialisation Policy

24 February 2004 NOVA Corporation Sadao Takanashi President, Osaka Bar Association

Letter of Recommendation


Discriminatory Practices at the YMCA

"We, the YMCAs in Japan, learning from the life of love and service manifested in Jesus Christ shall carry on the following mission in collaboration with other YMCAs throughout the world. We shall strive to preserve human rights, seeking justice and fairness."

Osaka YMCA is a quasi-religious organization purporting to follow the ethics of Jesus in its business dealings. Publicly, YMCA espouses a policy of fighting against discrimination but is in fact a patriarchy that fails to address the need for equal opportunities for both female and foreign employees.


February 2004 University Roundup

from the February 2004 National Union Voice


Kansai Ohkura High School

Join now! The GU has shown we can get things done.

Kansai Ohkura High School We won a satisfactory settlement in a non-renewal case here this month, and to all foreign and Japanese teachers at Kansai Ohkura now, we’d like to say: Join now! The GU has shown we can get things done.

Osaka Kokusai Owada High School

We are currently negotiating over the attempted ‘non-renewal’ of a member working without a contract.

We have protested that you cannot non-renew a non-contract worker. It constitutes a dismissal, for which good reasons are necessary (now enshrined in the 2004 revisions to the Labour Standards Law). GU Members should be ready to support our member here should this come to a dispute!

YMCA teachers start Shunto 2004

Teachers at the both the YMCA language centre and the International High School have submitted demands to their employer to start negotiating the working conditions for the 2004 school year.

After two years of dispute with the YMCA it appears that the Y is ready to sit down in good faith and negotiate new working conditions after an onslaught against the union to try to smash the working conditions that the union has gained over the past six years.


Nichibei Eigo Gakuin refuses mediation

Nichibei Eigo Gakuin refuses mediation at the Labour Commission, but continues to hand out leaflets to students claiming they are making efforts to settle the problems in their company. This is a lie.


Do you like the no-socialisation policy?

You deserve a better workplace. But what are you going to do about the way NOVA treats you?


Spain - BC teachers' union strikes for decent pay

Benn backs language centre pay claim Liz Ford, Friday July 18, 2003 The Guardian


Language centre staff strike over pay

Liz Ford Wednesday June 18 2003 The Guardian English teachers at a language centre in Spain have voted to step up their campaign for better pay with a series of strikes during its summer school next month.


GU Secures High School Jobs

A flurry of calls from existing union members over the last month or so has happily ended in victory in all the cases.


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