We, the union members at Nichibei Eigo Gakuin, would like to congratulate President Tamotsu Kanehisa and Vice-president Noriko Kuroda on 25 years of healthy profit-making.

Please remember that without your hard-working employees, none of this would have been possible. We look forward to celebrating this great event with both of you in the near future. BREAKING NEWS 20 JULY In a reply letter to the union's query regarding 25th anniversary celebrations, Mr Kanehisa has written: "We have no plans to make any payments of allowances to employees or hold any special events for the 25th anniversary of our founding". 「創立25年を記念して特別な行事や従業員に手当等の支給を行う予定はありません。」 Though hardly surprised, we have to say we are sad that Nichibei again has shown so little appreciation for the contributions of its employees. Not even a party! Come on Mr K, you must be joking!

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