Union wins cap on consecutive teaching hours

On 12 April 2001, the General Union Nichibei Branch sent demands to the company to return the maximums on teaching hours to the customary 5 x Private lessons and 3 x Group Lessons. Collective Bargaining was held on 22 June and 27 July, 2001, and after many letters back and forth, a basic agreement was reached.

In a letter to the General Union of 23 August 2001, Mr Tamotsu Kanehisa, President of Nichibei English Service, agreed to a cap on the maximum number of lessons in a row that teachers would be asked to teach. The main contents of his letter are as follows: General Union Chairman, Katsuji Yamahara 23 August 2001 We will adjust teachers' schedules according to the rule below: 1. In case of Group Lessons, 3 classes in a row shall be the limit. 2. In cases only of Private Lessons, 5 lessons in a row shall be the maximum. This will come into effect from September 2001. K.K. Nichibei Eigo Gakuin Representative Director Tamotsu Kanehisa

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