Nova Finally Issues Sexual Harassment Policy

After repeated delays, Nova finally gave a solid reply to our request for a clear, written sexual harassment policy, which we had asked for in August. According to Nova, instructor complaints will be handled immediately by the Head Office, Customer Consulting section in the General Affairs Department. Students deemed in violation will have their contracts terminated, and employees in violation will be dealt with according to internal company guidelines. Said guidelines had only existed in Japanese until recently, but Nova made an English translation which they sent to us and promised to make available to all instructors. We intend to hold Nova to their promises.

No one should have to deal with any sort of verbal abuse, stalking, or other uncomfortable situations. If you have a complaint and Nova management isn’t helping you, contact the General Union immediately. If you work at Nova and would like to see the policy please ask your manager, or contact the union.



From Nova

Here is an apology to your mail of protest dated November 23rd, 2015 and our answer.
We are very thankful that your union has told us many problems of ours and given us
effective information to help us find out our problems in this eight years from the revival of
NOVA. We will keep listening to your opinion sincerely in order to improve our company.
We hope your continuous cooperation and apologize this delayed answer.

On the sexual harassment policy of our company

If such a case happens in the future, Head Office and the Customer Consulting section
in General Affairs Department will handle the case immediately and solve it on behalf of
the employee involved.

Concretely, the student who commits such a case will be withdrawn immediately based
on the regulations.

And, when our employee commits, we will take proper action based on the internal

Our group already has had the internal provisions, “Sexual Harassment Prevention
Provisions.” However, we have not had its English version. So, we will prepare an
English version so that our instructors can read and understand the provisions.


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