Nova Court Case Update - March 23

As you probably know, General Union members are suing Nova over the issue of Independent Contracts. These contracts rob instructors of paid leave, unemployment insurance, health & pension, and even workers accident compensation, amongst other things.

Previously, we had submitted evidence of how Nova controls Independent Contractors despite the company claiming that they do not have any control.


Included in a long list of evidence was the case of Nova transferring one teacher to another school without his consent. In another situation, one teacher had finished his shift and was leaving the school when a staff member came running and grabbing him, insisting that he teach another video lesson.

Today was Nova's chance to rebut this evidence in written submissions but they failed to do so, totally ignoring these incidents of control. We believe these are not isolated incidents but a pattern of control of "Independent Contractors".

We can only guess how the judges are viewing Nova, and the case, in light of the company's failure to explain these specific incidents.

The next hearing will be held on April 27.

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