5% Wage Demand at Osaka Gaigo

Union members who were involved in a long labour dispute with their employer from 2013 which culminated in the Supreme Court turning down the school's refusal to follow the Osaka Labour Commission ruling ordering the employer to share financial data with the union, have submitted demands for 5% pay increase as well as access to financial data.

While members secured a 2% increase in 2019, we feel that asking for an additional pay increase after the school's stalling tactics of filing appeal after appeal since 2013, is very reasonable. Members note another increase in student numbers (still to be clearly established as it's only February) which points to the employer's improved financial situation and ability to increase pay.

If Osaka Gaigo cannot improve pay according to the union's demands, they must share all financial data with the union as per the Osaka Labour Commission's decision (and backed up by both the Osaka District and Superior Courts).

We all understand the problems faced by technical schools due to the overall drop in the 18 year old population, but we believe that Gaigo's sister school (operated by the same entity) is doing well and that pay increases need to be considered based on the health of the overall organisation and not its parts.

Collective bargaining should start in early March and union members hope to achieve a healthy pay increase.

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