Osaka Gaigo: Strike 2

Standard - gaigo strikeOn October the 10th eleven members of the General Union and Naniwa union working at Osaka Gaigo Senmon Gakko staged a half day strike for a 5% pay increase and a bonus payment of at least one months wages twice yearly. The strike united Japanese and foreign workers, office workers and teachers and workers on temporary and permanent contracts.


Employees were angry that despite the fact that the educational trust that runs the school claims that it does not have the money to pay the increase, it refuses to provide the two unions with the financial figures necessary to see whether this is true. According to the law governing the running educational trusts, private schools should have the accounts available on the premises for inspection by their employees. At the time of writing the vocational school has failed to reply to the union's request to tell us where members can find this information. In addition, Mr. Ise, the head of the trust, has refused to attend negotiations with unions.

The mood of members of both unions is firm and angry. This is second strike, following on from their first in July. A demonstration with a total of around 30 participants from the two unions and their supporters demonstrated their opposition to the actions of the schools management.


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