OTC - Organizing drive begins

OTC members have been busy writing a new leaflet outlining the branches achievements over the past few years at OTC. We've done well - health and pension insurance, unemployment insurance, paid FLEXIBLE annual leave, as well as solving a host of individual grievances such as study leave, resignation procedures etc.

 Teachers at OTC work in a variety of settings - universities, high schools, company classes etc. There are both part-time and full-time teachers with some working only one day, some as many as five.

One thing to keep in mind is that union membership, is available to any OTC worker.

Part-timers should also remember that they are entitled to paid annual leave, based upon the number of days worked per week, and the number of years with the company. This could between 1- 20 days paid leave!

We are sending out leaflets to members to distribute to your coworkers. Keep some in your bag in case you run into someone.


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