Not Everyone Is An English Teacher

While the General Union is predominantly a union of language teachers, we also accept members in other walks of life. We were established to be a home for workers without a union at their workplace or who, being part-time or on fixed-term contracts, are traditionally not organised by workplace unions representing full-time permanent staff.

 We have a history of organizing migrant workers in places as diverse as factories and restaurants. In fact, for many years now we have had a consistent number of Indian restaurant workers in our Union. The situation of these workers is quite precarious, and they often endure confiscation of their passports by employers, unpaid wages, and compulsory overtime without pay. Many are scared to complain about these problems while still working at an establishment.

Just recently we have been able to settle a problem for one of our members who had been working at an Indian restaurant. After he resigned from the restaurant, we were able to negotiate a settlement with his former employer and win for our member unpaid wages and overtime pay.


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