Fukuoka Board of MISeducation wants legal changes

Fukuoka Now magazine has reported that the Fukuoka Board of Education (BoE) is asking the central government to relax some changes in the Worker Dispatch Law in order to offer more vibrant English classes.

Currently, Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) working for the Fukuoka BoE are being dispatched to their schools on a "gyomu itaku" subcontracting basis. This means that they are on consignment from a private dispatch company so the BoE is not allowed to guide the teachers' work without committing subcontracting fraud.

The BoE doesn't feel that this is a very good set up because the law, "Prevents Japanese teachers of English from 'freely conversing' with foreign teaching assistants", and also prevents Japanese teachers in a classroom to give advice.

Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Of course teachers should be able to work together and of course the BoE should be able to control the work that teachers do.


Fukuoka BoE could easily have an environment where they can guide teachers' work and have Japanese teachers of English work together directly with their ALT colleagues. All the BoE has to do is hire the teachers DIRECTLY and make them employees of the school board and not private dispatch companies.

So why doesn't Fukuoka BoE just do this instead of trying to have the law relaxed? They don't because then they would have to be responsible for people's employment, make sure all relevant laws are followed, and ensure regular employment.

Guess it's easier to have the law changed than ensure teachers decent jobs, students good teachers, and Japanese teachers partners they can work with.



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