Sign this? NO WAY!

At a recent meeting of dispatch ALTs, a manager produced a petition against the new immigration changes requiring proof of enrolment in public health insurance. Twenty two people were in attendance but all the manager could muster were seven signatures. The rest refused.

 When we asked people their reasons for refusing to sign they gave a number.

1. The teachers have contracts that clearly oblige the company to enrol them in Shakai Hoken (public health and pension insurance – 50% paid by the employer). Some teachers want the company to enroll them in health & pension.

2. They also objected to feeling pressured to sign something with which they didn't agree.

3. They didn't trust the motivations of FreeChoiceJapan who are organizing the petition.

4. They also believed that it was just a waste of time and would have no effect on the implementation of the new guidlines by April.

Has something similar happened at your company? Write and tell us.



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