Panasonic Excel, “We don’t sign collective agreements with minority unions.”

What arrogance!

And with this the company wanted us just to have a “gentlemen's agreement” in regards to consulting the union BEFORE changes are made to members' working conditions.

For many years the union and Panasonic Excel International had a relatively smooth relationship and we were able to work out many problems which our members faced, but now, with the non-renewal of the branch chair, it’s hard to believe that Excel expects a smooth working relationship with the union.


Panasonic teachers keep their eye on the ball

After an important round of bargaining in July of this year where some important promises were made by the employer to the union, members are undeterred to still improve their economic situation.


Panasonic Excel teachers demand job security and pay increases

General Union members working at Panasonic Excel have submitted new demands for collective bargaining and hope to begin negotiations in July. Teachers joined the union in 2002 when they had unilaterally been moved from one employer to another inside the then Matsushita group and suffering a massive pay cut.


Excel Branch launches wage, job security, and union rights campaign

After finally settling a four year dispute regarding cut wages and employment rights the General Union Matsushita Branch members, submitted new demands to their employer on 11 November.


Strikes Averted at Matsushita-Excel

Teachers at Matsushita were all set to begin a series of rolling strikes from January 31st but last minute talks have resulted in teachers agreeing to put them on hold ・ for the moment at least.


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