Panasonic Excel, “We don’t sign collective agreements with minority unions.”

What arrogance!

And with this the company wanted us just to have a “gentlemen's agreement” in regards to consulting the union BEFORE changes are made to members' working conditions.

For many years the union and Panasonic Excel International had a relatively smooth relationship and we were able to work out many problems which our members faced, but now, with the non-renewal of the branch chair, it’s hard to believe that Excel expects a smooth working relationship with the union.

Instead of backing away, union members are forcing the company to deal with all our outstanding issues and to put it on paper.

  • the renewal of the branch chair
  • priority work for union members
  • no pay cuts for workers when they turn 60 and the right to continue working past 65 with the same benefits (Interestingly, our branch chair will soon turn 65. Wonder why they're suddenly getting rid of him now with a claim of poor work performance after many years on the job?)
  • a paid holiday system in line with the Labour Standards Law

Members won't stand by and be told that the company will not sign a collective agreement with the union. We want our issues resolved and we want the guarantees that only come with a signed collective agreement.


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