Public labour workshops in Kansai and Tokai

  • Worried about being fired after five years?
  • Has your employer informed you of their five year plan?
  • What does an unlimited term contract mean for your job?
  • Did you know that part timers can also get health and pension insurance?
  • Dispatched? Find out how your conditions should be improving

We will be holding seminars in Kansai and Tokai in November so you can learn about these changes in the labour and how they may affect you. The seminar is open to all so please bring your friends, family, and coworkers.


Let's PARiTY in Kansai

Sunday, 26 November 15:30~1700 PLP Kaikan
(map and leaflet download)

15:30~17:00 Your choice of *Labour Seminar OR **Wills & Inheritances


Let's PARiTY in Tokai

Sunday, November 13:45~16:45 Office Park Nagoya (Dai'ichi Nagoya Bldg)
map and leaflet download

14:00~15:00      *Labour Seminars
15:15~16:15      **Wills and Inheritances Seminar

*Labour Seminars

After a fixed-term employment contract is renewed for a total employment period of over 5 years, the contract can be converted to a permanent one.

HEALTH AND PENSION INSURANCE (shakai hoken & shigaku kyosai)
• Pension eligibility: From 25 to 10 years
• Enrollment: at 20 hours/wk (enterprises with 500 employees)
• Even if there are less than 500 employees, it is still possible to be enrolled at 20 hours

• Allows for dispatch that is longer than three years (workplace agreement, job type/ location change, unlimited term contract)
• Same working conditions for direct hired and dispatched employees mandated.

EQUITY GUIDELINES (regular vs contract workers)
• No discrimination in various allowances (overtime, regional, regular attendance allowances, etc.)
• No discrimination in special leaves and welfare benefits (non-statutory leave, sick leave, special leave, medical check leave)
• Working conditions of dispatched workers and direct-hire employees must be equal (pay, benefits and training)

DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS we can only go in depth about the first two laws listed.

**Wills & Inheritances Seminar

What happens in Japan if you die without a will? Does Japanese law take precedence or does the law back home? How is it decided? By the length of time here, if you're married, or some other reason? How do I even make a will in Japan? An English speaking lawyer will deliver the presentation (Kansai only).

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