Letter from America about Peppy Kids

I am no longer an employee of Peppy Kids. However, it warms my heart that there is such action being taken to create a worker's union. I am an American citizen back in America now, but I still very much love Japan. I left Peppy Kids club, but I strongly feel that if there was a union in place, me and other people that I know would still be actively employed with Peppy Kids. As an American, I know that many Americans take for granted the progresses that were made as a result of union interventions in the U.S. workplace throughout history.

Working without that safety net in Japan was especially challenging and made me wonder what my now retired father went through in his early days of working, back in the times of racial segregation in the U.S. As a result of what happened to me, I will probably only return to Japan to visit for the rest of my life, as the work conditions are hardly favorable, and I stand a better chance of survival by remaining in the U.S and continuing where I left off here even under the current economic conditions. I truly wish everyone the best and hope that working conditions can be greatly improved for any remaining and future employees.



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