March scramble for classes

A large number of university and high school teachers are part-time workers. And as you know, the annual ritual of waiting around to hear about new schedules can be a nerve racking time. Will you receive the same number of classes? Will the school try to change your working days? What will you be teaching? Will the schedule from School A be available in time to arrange your schedule at School B?

One way around this is to organize a strong union branch at your workplace. It recently paid off at Doshisha Kori High School.

After already having their schedules confirmed February, two long term teachers at Doshisha Kori suddenly received emails March 20th stating that they would have to work four days per week rather than their traditional three. They were also threatened that if they couldn’t work four days the school would have to find other teachers. Again, this was after they already had their schedules confirmed, and after both teachers had already accepted work at other schools. It was too late to change anything.

Fortunately though, there is already a strong union branch in place at Doshisha Kori, and there have been negotiations with the school in the past. Within days of submitting a grievance, the teachers were given assurances that what had already been promised would be honored. This may not have happened if there wasn’t a strong branch in place already.

Isn’t it about time we all had some job security?

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