Osaka Shoin: Harassment By Camera?

Along with all the other issues that the General Union is currently dealing with, here's a quick recap to remind people of the story with Osaka Shoin Women's University up until now.

The government introduced a new law: if you've worked for five years, the school has to give you a contract with no end date. In response, Osaka Shoin freaks out and introduces a five-year employment limit just to avoid the law

This is illegal.

Shoin forces people to take a 6 month break between contracts.

Also illegal.

Teachers are left without a job, so they do what must be done: they fight.

To spread awareness of the situation, the General Union starts a leafleting campaign.

shoin man 01 shoin man 02

See that guy with his face blocked out?

That’s the guy who tried to take our picture the other day.

Leafleting is legal in Japan - so is recruiting new union members this way.

We were a small, quiet, and friendly group, leafleting outside the school gates.

The leaflet informs people the of new law and has membership application form.

So, why was he taking pictures?

There are already security cameras that capture everything.

Was he trying to intimidate us?

It could be an unfair labor practice!

Read more about our fight with Shoin here.

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