City Councillors Support Takatsuki AETs


In a show of solidarity, members of different unions from  across Kansai came out to support our March 11 demonstration over the unfair firing of members at Takatsuki Board of Education. Over 10 sister unions sent representatives. From the General Union we also had supporters from our Kansai Gaidai, Doshisha Kori, ECC, Industrial & Commercial, and Nichibei branches.

Along with union members, two city counsellors, Mr Takagi & Ms Nonoue, attended to show support. Mr Takagi has been an avid supporter of our members, going as far as writing to The Chronicle newspaper in Toowoomba, Australia to show his support. You can read his letter here.

In addition to the city counsellors, a number of Japanese teachers who have formed friendly ties with the ALTs, came to show their support. This support comes despite some principals illegally denouncing our members in morning meetings.


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