Takatsuki City fails to settle dispute , Case will go to final judgement

With the outcome looking bad for Takatsuki City, the Osaka Labor Relations Commission had proposed to Takatsuki City that they settle our Unfair Labor Practices case by agreeing with the union’s proposal to start talks with Toowoomba City to restart the AET program in line with Japanese employment laws.

Yesterday though, on June 17th, 2016, Takatsuki City told the Commission that they were refusing this proposal and that they are ready to wait for the ruling of Osaka Labor Relations Commission. Ridiculous enough, they also told Osaka Labor Relations Commission, “The friendship activities between two cities are going well EXCEPT the AET Ambassador Exchange Program.”

In this way, Takatsuki City refused the final chance for them to settle the issue peacefully at the Osaka Labor Relations Commission.
OK. Let us give them what they want -- a ruling by the Osaka Labor Relations Commission. A ruling which will be the formal recognition of the unfair labor practice committed by Takatsuki City. We are waiting confidently in the knowledge that Takatsuki will lose the case. It isn’t often we can say that so strongly.

Also in the coming weeks, Takatsuki City is sure to loose on another front. The Osaka Labor Bureau is expected to issue a judgement over the appeal raised by Takatsuki City saying, “It was wrong for the central governmental organization to recognize AETs as workers on March 31st, 2015.” Takatsuki City has already spent public money amounting 1,296,000 JPY for such a silly argument.
Will the failure to settle the case, and being found guilty or unfair labor practices cause heads to rule at the Board of Education cause heads to roll? Who will take responsibility? Keep watching for out next update.

(Translated from the Japanese)

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