Is Takatsuki City Really Going To SUE Osaka Prefecture?

As we have already reported, the Osaka Prefectural Labor Relations Commission issued a ruling on October 14th, 2016, stating that the Takasuki City Board of Education's decision to ban AETs (who are General Union members) from attending graduation ceremonies was an unfair labor practice.

In reaching their verdict, the Labor Relations Commission also ordered the Mayor of Takatsuki City to hand-deliver a letter to the General Union, admitting that Takatsuki City committed an unfair labor practice, and promising that they will never repeat that kind of petty (and illegal) behavior again.

Instead of accepting their defeat with dignity and learning from their mistake, however, Takatsuki City had decided to travel down an even lower road than the one they previously walked:

They've decided to sue Osaka Prefecture itself.


Yes, you read that correctly.

It seems that Takatsuki City, in their infinite wisdom, have decided to sue Osaka Prefecture (or, rather, the Osaka Prefectural Labor Relations Commission) at the Osaka District Court by November 16th, 2016.

In doing so, they are refusing to bring the case to the Central Labor Relations Commission, the upper organ of the Osaka Prefectural Labor Relations Commission, as well as refusing to following the previous order.

According to the Local Autonomy Act, a local government has to get the resolution of its assembly when presenting such a case to court.

Will the Takatsuki City assembly actually approve such a disgusting lawsuit?

In addition, has Takatsuki City ever seriously considered how severely they would be damaged when losing in this hopeless lawsuit, and just how much public money they will be wasting in the process?

(Do they even care?)

Karma has already punished Takatsuki City for their previous immoral and illegal actions.

Haven't they learned that "what goes around comes around"?

We'll bring you more information as the situation develops.




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