Union Dues Rates

Your dues rate is set according to your total yearly salary (including bonuses) as indicated on the table below.

You will be expected to start paying union dues in the second calendar month after your application.

※ If you are not a current member please click here and send an application form before paying any dues.



(pre-tax, including wages and bonuses)

Union Dues per Month

¥41,000 per month
up to¥499,999 anually


¥42,000 - ¥83,000 per month
¥500,000 yen - ¥999,999  annually


¥84,000 - ¥166,000 per month
¥1,000,000  - ¥1,999,999 annually


¥167,000 - ¥208,000 per month
¥2,000,000 - ¥2,499,999 


¥209,000 - ¥249,000 per month
¥2,500,000 - ¥2,999,999 annually


¥250,000 - ¥374,000 per month
¥3,000,000 - ¥4,499,999 annually


 ¥375,000 - ¥499,000 per month
¥4,500,000 - ¥5,999,999 annually


¥500,000 - ¥624,000 per month
¥6,000,000 - ¥7,499,999 annually


¥625,000 & over per month 
¥7,500,000 & over annually



Salary Deduction - Check-Off

This is a system where your union dues are deducted from your salary and remitted to the union by your employer.

If you work at one of the following workplaces, you will be expected to use this system except in extreme circumstances. You will be asked to complete a special permission form and send it to the union. Click on the company name to download the relevant form.

  • Berlitz
  • Doshisha (Junior & High Schools)
  • Doshisha International Academy (Shotobu)
  • ECC
  • Osaka Kodai
  • Relo Panasonic Excel
  • Setsunan University
  • Shinobu Foods



Please be aware that transaction fees are added to to the union dues on the basis of 3.9% of dues plus ¥40.


Pay Monthly

Pay Yearly


You can use any Japanese bank to pay dues from (even one not listed below), as long as it is sent to a GU account at one of the banks listed below.

  Automatic Debit One time payment
Japan Post Bank Take me there Take me there
Other Banks Take me there Take me there



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