YMCA members win pay raise!

At the beginning of the Shunto Season (spring bargaining), the Osaka YMCA warned the traditional annual wage increase bargained with the union was in jeopardy.The union's answer was simple; if the company couldn't afford the pay raise for all full time foreign teachers, just give the union teachers a raise.

Sound selfish? Not really, considering that non-union teachers have constantly received the benefits negotiated by the majority of their coworkers who are union members. While their coworkers have dedicated themselves to the union and paid union dues, the non-union teachers have had a free ride. The YMCA, not knowing how to handle the union's position, decided that the traditional ¥5000 pay rise was still possible.

With quality of education in mind, the branch also demanded that YMCA provide teachers with better paid training and negotiate the terms of the training with the General Union. While the issue has yet to be finalized, YMCA has indicated that they may be prepared to fund up to 50% of teacher' continued education under certain conditions. This would be a win/win situation for the company, teachers and students alike.


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